Sanjivi Hospitals provides patients with comprehensive care that not only focuses on the prevention of heart disease but also offers rapid intervention when a cardiac event occurs and provides optimal treatment after the event to restore a patient’s health.

We achieve this by offering patients innovative cardiac care delivered by a professional staff well-versed in the latest, most effective strategies and techniques. Our patients benefit from receiving care in an academic practice where along with providing the best intervention based on the international protocol, we also teach the physicians of tomorrow the importance of lifelong learning and agility in areas such as cardiology.

Our services for cardiology include:

Echocardiography & Electrocardiogram
Nuclear Perfusion Imaging
Arrhythmia Monitoring
Pacemaker Interrogations
Abdominal Aortic Ultrasound
Stress Testing & On-Site Laboratory

Though we do not perform any surgical procedures, we have the best in-house doctors available on the consult and we perform diagnosis, treatment, and investigations in cardiology.