The Ilizarov fixator or the ring fixator is an apparatus applied externally so that the bone ends can be moved and adjusted from outside as and when required.

It is often used in

 Infected Non-unions (bones that have not healed after a fracture, and have infection)
 Deformity Correction (straightening bent legs)
Fixation of complex fractures
Bone transport & Osteomyelitis (treatment of missing bone in the limb, due to various causes)
Treatment of Arthritis (especially knee arthritis, in the early stages)
Arthrodesis (fusion or joining of two bones across a joint)

The flexibility of the Ilizarov technique is its biggest advantage and ensures the desired result. A better understanding of the principles of Ilizarov technique made us use other options of using fixators like other than the ring fixator e.g. Dynamic Uniplanar Fixators – Orthofix, LRS (Limb Reconstruction System), Hexapod fixator (the versatile computer-aided six-axis correction system). The method of fixation, the type of fixator their advantages & disadvantages, clinical condition, personal needs, and aspirations are kept in mind before deciding on surgery. We believe in designing an individualized solution for every patient in these complex situations.

The group of doctors at Sanjivi hospitals are trained and perfectly performed the illizarov surgery to cure me. I can easily use my hand again.

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